Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Small projects...

After a big project like the last one, I like to shake it up, both in type of knitting and size of the project.
I found some lovely roving on the Fyberspates website. It's wool/silk/nylon/silver. Think socks. I wasn't thinking socks, but the lovely shawl pattern "Aeolian" from the Knitty. The roving was called Sea Mist, a perfect name for the shawl.

Now all 14 oz are spun up; waiting for inspiration before I start knitting...

Here is more knitting candy. A silly little scarf knit with Malabrigo Lace.

Yet more knitting candy.

I like knitting candy. This is a pattern from "Stahman's Shawls & Scarves" called the Walter Seaman's Scarf. This could be a Christmas present...
Lovely yarn candy... the pattern is from the Knitty called Kernal.

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