Thursday, August 18, 2005

My Clapotini is Finished!

Here she is lying in the hallway, a full 90" by 12." I haven't run the stitches out yet.

Clapotini, unfurled but not undone Posted by Picasa

Clapotini Unfurled Closeup Posted by Picasa

Now, the stitches are all run...

Clapotini, Unfurled and Stitches Run Posted by Picasa

Clapotini Closeup Posted by Picasa

I like it I like it! It has a nice spongy feel to it. This scarf will definitely be a warm cuddly one this winter.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Clapotis Again...

Clapotis Redo Posted by Picasa

Well, I am in the home stretch with my clapotis scarf. I didn't have enough of the yarn that I wanted to use (an alpaca/wool blend in a fall colorway from Over the Rainbow Yarns, an eBay seller). So, I only have 10 repeats (does that make it a clapotini?), and it is still plenty wide. What I am a little piqued about is the difference of color in the 2 skeins of yarn. It was not apparent in the skeins, or when it was balled up. However, once knitted, there is a significant color change. I am knitting on, hoping to finish this week. I have 4 more repeats to do, and then I can start the decreases (the beginning of the end). It's almost 6 feet long, and I like that.