Friday, June 17, 2005

Crochet Shopper Stylin'

Crochet Shopper Completed Posted by Hello

It turned out to be quite a bit larger than what I had imagined. But that just means that more will fit in it...

Crochet liner, interfacing and handles attached Posted by Hello

This is what it looked like before the crochet squares were attached. I used plastic cross stitch material. It was an ordeal to assemble; I crocheted the parts together, and they were not always willing! But it is attached securely, and I am confident, will not come undone anytime soon.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Crochet Shopper Progress

Crochet Shopper Blocking Posted by Hello

Well, I'm this far-- the 27 squares are assembled, and are now drying. I need to start on the lining. I have some lavender two tone silk dupion from another project that I will be using. I am a little anxious about it... the directions aren't very detailed, and this is my first go 'round with this. Still, hoping for the best!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Beaded Bag(s) Progress

My Beaded Bag Posted by Hello

I finished my Beaded Bag from Beaded Knitting last night. It looks great! I am very happy with the yarn and beads. A lovely confidence building project.

Progress on my Crochet Shopper Posted by Hello

Here is the status of the Crochet Shopper. I am enjoying taking my time, slowly tucking in the ends and sewwing all the blocks together.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Beaded Bag from Beaded Knitting KAL Posted by Hello

So this is what I started on last night... the KAL from Beaded Knitting. This is the flap and it will be a simple beaded bag! It's a great pattern (thanks Laura!). I know I have the beaded crochet squares to sew up and finish, but I wanted to pick up something quick and fun before I did the (dreaded) finishing of that bag. I just want to have some knitting fun!

Color on Color Scarf Completed! Posted by Hello

I know that this is what you have been waiting for! Yeaaa, I have finally finished all the I-Cords, buttons and end-tucking-in! Whoo-hoo! I believe I started this project in earlier April... so almost 2 months. I spent more time than I like to admit on the color blocks. I didn't like how the twisting of the yarn showed. Finally I accepted it as a design element so that I could go on and finish.

My Front Yard Rhodys

Rhododendrums in the front yard Posted by Hello

This is the first year my Rhododendrums bloomed in the front yard, and they certainly went all out! They are really prettier than this picture shows. Maybe a drooping cherry tree would complete the picture???