Sunday, April 17, 2005

Color on Color - the scarf

The Fairisle section of the Color on Color scarf Posted by Hello

The fairisle section closeup. There is a turning ridge in the middle; will be folded in half so that the wrong side does not show. Posted by Hello

Closeup of the wrong side of the fairisle section. I think it looks pretty! Posted by Hello

Color on Color scarf schematic. Posted by Hello
Please don't be put off by this picture. It just shows the steps to be taken in a picturial view. As you can see, I have completed 1 thru 11. It feels completely challenging, yet quickly fulfilling as each section ends. I love watching the colors appear and take shape. The fabric of the yarn is soft and giving, really lovely considering this is a tapestry yarn (Paternayan).

Scarf Style edited by Pam Allen Posted by Hello

Monday, April 04, 2005

Is it April already?

Whew! Where does the time go!

After my Christmas knitting was done, I made the Tartlelette Poncho from Knit One Crochet Two for myself. I bought the kit from an Ebay seller. Such lovely color! The kit had 8 skeins, and I was going to run out before I finished, so I eliminated a row in the last pattern, and made it... you can't tell. That was close!

My Tartlelette Poncho Posted by Hello

After that I knit after mindless scarves. There is so much yummy yarn at Hobby Lobby, I just couldn't help it!

Using Bernat's Denim in the Stonewash colorway, I made the Knitty's 3 Times Chic. In order to get gauge, I knitted using 2 strands held together. I am pretty sure that I don't like to knit chunky yarns. Also, I felt that the fabric was a bit stiff, but hopefully after it's washed a few times, it will soften up some. It's not stand up stiff, mostly just not soft lovely wool (the yarn is a cotton/acrylic blend).

3 Times Chic before blocked Posted by Hello

The Knitty's 3 Times Chic done! Posted by Hello

Sally Mellville's Einstein, sans buttons (not sure I need them). Done using Homespun in the Corinthian colorway. Posted by Hello
This was another long time project that I wanted to do. I settled on Homespun because it was 1) cheap and 2) the colorway interested me. But I was dissapointed as it knitted up in a kind of wave pattern. No more Homespun for me thankyou! I also found "blobs" in the yarn as it was knit, very poorly spun areas in the skeins. Not a nice experience!

My Color On Color Scarf kit Posted by Hello
My next project! I have to "treat" myself to this kit. It is a KAL (knitalong) on the yahoo groups ( I am just starting to bag up the yarn and untwist it so that it is ready to be knit. This looks to be a real treat. Thanks to Kathryn Alexander from the book Scarf Style.