Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I am done with the steeking!

What I found to be true about steeking was to take your time, and work on it when you are ready. It got easier and easier to cut the yarn - I have to admit! And picking up stitches and knitting the facing was actually a little like sewing facings of fabric garmets. Yes, I have conquered my fear of steeking! Yeaaa!

See how you just start snipping, and then more snipping and then...

And then you have snipped the entire opening. No stitches go anywhere. They all stay put obediently. Smart stitches!

Then slide the sleeve in the opening (the sleeve already had the facing knitted on). All that's left to do is...

Facings are very neat and tidy. They hide all those loose ends.

And like magic, the sleeve is sewn in and ready to go!

That's right, this sweater won first prize at the county fair!
Life is good!