Monday, July 25, 2005

Magli, no longer UFO, but done!

Magli, completed and wet blocked on the couch! Posted by Picasa

Yes, that is Magli lying on the couch... Drying from a hasty wet block. I am so happy to have her done. 31 pattern repeats... And the final border had to be kitchnered on (101 stitches)! I don't claim that she's perfect, but she's perfect enough for me.

Now, the age old question, what's next? I suppose I should get back to Clapotis.

Magli, closeup1 Posted by Picasa

Magli closeup2 Posted by Picasa

Magli, closeup3 Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Magli, a UFO!

To recover, and sustain my bruised muse, I picked up the Magli Shawl, by Nancy Bush. I had started it last summer, and put it away about a third of the way done. I found the lace knitting to be unsettling... the stitch count changed throughout the pattern, and the markers needed to be moved. I lacked confidence in my knitting and couldn't read the stitches clearly. And then there were those dang nupps where I had to drop my knitting and take a crochet hook to pull the yarn through... pita!

Well, I can now! Am having fun again, and now have 22 repeats out of 31 done! It's lovely lace, and even though the lace weight yarn is a dark burgandy from Elann, I can read the knitting just fine now. I have come to a new understanding!

IK Summer 2004 Magli, by Nancy Bush Posted by Picasa

Magli closeup Posted by Picasa

After awhile of rest...

I have to admit that after I completed my Crochet Shopper, I was completely exhusted. My muse was drained. For one week, I did nothing... Well, I did think about what I wanted to do next. It took me awhile to decide.

I really want to do the Kerry Blue shawl in Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls by Martha Waterman, using my blue/gray Shetland handspun, but there are errors in the printing, and I have to re-write the pattern in Word... So that didn't happen. I picked up some wool/alpaca from an eBay seller, Over the Rainbow yarns... And away I went, working on KnitPicks Clapotis:

My Clapotis Posted by Picasa

About done with one of the two balls of yarn that I had, I realized that I didn't have enough yardage... So I need to make it narrower... So...

My Clapotis Un-done! Posted by Picasa

To the Frog Pond we went. I put it back in my knitting basket. Now I need to decide just how narrower to make it... Perhaps by a third?