Friday, June 18, 2010

I've been busy - check it out!

 I found the perfect buttons for my Gravel Road... well, I suppose that they could be MORE perfect if they were metal. Otherwise, they look great. I went to Field's Fabric store. If you can't find the right button there, well, you just aren't trying! I didn't block this sweater, I like the way it looks now. I wish I made it longer, but what's done is done!

Between big projects I like to knit a smaller project. It's like clearing the palate, before I get going on a long project. In my stash was a 600 yd ball (already wound up into a ball) of a vibrantly dyed corded cotton/acrylic with a thread of sparkle thru it; the color is called Midnight Sky. I purchased this from ebay years ago from one of the big yarn dyers. I am no longer sure which but it could be Over The Rainbow Yarn Store. I used a free pattern, called The Salinas Shawl from the a  brick and mortar yarn store, Woven Art, located in East Lansing. The corded yarn gives the shawl quite a bit of weight, and therefore drape.

I even took care of all the start and stops of this shawl, The Swirl Shawl.


Now I have no more excuses, but to go on and start the steek of my Raumagarn cardy.