Sunday, September 04, 2005

What I do during my lunch half hour... over a couple of months!

Sheep Tea Cozy Posted by Picasa

Here is my sheep shaped tea cozy. I got the kit from Blackberry Ridge. They really have nice yarns. They come to Allegan County's Fiber Fest, and it is a treat to squeeze their yarns and check out all their kits. They have lovely wool/silk yarns too. This sheep was easy to make. His head is sort of down because he is on a small-er tea pot, he really could use a bigger one, but this is what I use for my morning tea.

Beaded Necklace Posted by Picasa

This is my knitted beaded necklace that I finished today too. I got this kit from the beadedknitting yahoo group. It was the June kit. I put the beads on the thread right away, but once I started knitting it, it just didn't look right, so I frogged and frogged, and then, yup, put it away to mature some more. Then I went back to it this week, and it knitted up like a song! Go figure! I guess it (or me?) just wasn't ready back then.

Beaded Eyeglass Don't-Loose-'em Cord Posted by Picasa

For those of us who use bifocals, a cord holding them around your neck is essential to keeping them from becoming misplaced, or lost. My old one gave up the crimp on one side, so I got another Mill Hill kit at Hobby Lobby. My eyeglass' lifesavers!