Sunday, May 30, 2010

Finished project, well, just about!

Yea! My most recent goal was to finish Janet Szabo's Gravel Road from the Twists and Turns Spring 2003 issue by June 1st. Yeaaaa! I just have to get buttons and block it. I was able to purchase the yarn Janet used, Classic Elite's Devon Tweed, from eBay. I started this in 2007, I am a little embarrassed to admit, but life happens. Doing this project has made me realize that I don't enjoy cabling all that much. I used a size 3.5 mm needle, which I like, but the cabling was very hard on my hands. I did a lot of thumb and finger stretches, as well as not to knit when it just plain hurt. I do enjoy the results, though, so I'm a little conflicted!

This is a picture of the tools that were used for the project. Apparently, I am a bit fussy when it comes to what knitting needles are used.  I do like pointy points, though. There should be a toothpick in there. I used it as my cabling tool! It worked great, Of course, it was pointy enough, and the wood was grabby onto the yarn, so I didn't have to fiddle at all.

Next in line project...

My next "must do" item is to finish this Swedish cardy.  It was a kit I purchased from a local brick and mortar yarn shop, The Threadbear, located in Lansing, MI. It is by the Raumagarn yarn company. Arnhild Hillesland had a workshop at the store for it, but I missed it, and purchased the kit anyway. I enjoyed knitting every stitch, and even with all philosophies (and I emailed Arnhild too) about which yarn should be "on top" or carried over, I brought every yarn color change from underneath the last yarn. Yes, the yarn twisted like crazy, but I enjoyed the whole process. This project made me realize how much I like the fairisle knitting: the changing colors always had me wanting to knit the next stitch.  So as you can see, the body and sleeves have been completely knitted up. Now I have to steek. I have let this project sit a bit. I did steek before - it was a Philosopher's sweater, nice fat worsted yarn... but I am choking right now on this. I have told myself that I will get on with it next. 

The wonderful beautiful lovely month of May

My lovely rhodys bloomed so nicely this spring. I really couldn't believe how long they lasted. As for my neighbor's backyard, well, I really can't say. Michigan does spring so nicely. The days get longer and warmer, and everything turns to green and blooms. It's like all the flowers get the same idea, "It's my turn to bloom! And bloom I must!" 

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Where have I been?

My mother had out patient surgery in late December 2006. She never recovered. Well, physically she did, but dementia descended. Here she is 5 months later on Mother's Day. My brother (center) and I decided to move her to Michigan so she could be closer to me. We moved her in July 2007. She moved into an assisted living facility which was, for me, on the way home from work. By then she was using a wheelchair. She continued to decline until she passed in November 2008. I needed those last months with her. Now they are gone forever.