Saturday, May 14, 2005

Knitting Update, Color on Color Scarf

Color on Color Progress Posted by Hello

Just want to show how it is going. I must admit that some nights I get mixed up with the directions, and have to stop for the day. This is not to be knit absentmindedly! I just completed knitting section 16, and have attached section 12 to the rest of the scarf. Onwards!

My Crochet Shopper's progress is that I am at square number 21. Only 8 more to go, and then I get to sew them all together... Remember I only work on this project during my lunch half hour. Slowly but steadily.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

My (gasp!) UFO felted! IK's Floral Felted Bag

I did it! I did it!
After looking at my huge 22" square bag (pre-felted) for many months... sometimes wondering if I should just add sleeves and call it a sweater, I did the deed: I threw it in the washer. I decided that it was doing no good lying around, and that it was never going to be a sweater, so just do it.

I tried washing it in the kitchen sink, first a hot soak, then a cold soak, then back again. After about 5 times going back and forth my hands started to ache, and the bag didn't look any different, so off to the washer we went. My washer is a side loader, and locks during the wash cycle, so it is a complete act of faith to put an item in, while praying for the best... and so it was! I couldn't have been happier when I saw it come out of the washer. It was perfectly felted.

I couldn't squeeze the 1/2" dowel in, so got a 7/16" one and that worked. Brought home some wooden beads from Hobby Lobby and hubby drilled them open to fit on the dowels perfectly. It's so nice! It took over 3 days to dry because of all the knitting: A double bottom to hold in a sheet of stiffening fabric or plastic canvas; a divider that could have been made a little smaller than the width of the purse, so it would pull in better; and a side pocket to keep items handy. I am happy with this project. I made a mental note to face felting fears in more of a timely manner...

Floral Felted Bag after Posted by Hello

Before felting Posted by Hello

My Pink Flamingos

My flamingos Posted by Hello

Flamingo on Patrol Posted by Hello

Flamingos on Patrol II Posted by Hello
After slowly turning into albino flaminos over the sunny summers, I got some spray paint and went at it. It was so worth it, they look great! Here they have just received their protective UV coat which makes them shiney. Now they are patroling the side garden by the fence, lookin' good.

See I do a few other things than knit...

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Future Summer Top Project

Yes, I know it was naughty, but (again) I could not help myself when I read Threadbear's (website weekly email that they had bought up all of the existing stock of Marissa yarn which has now been discontinued. Manufactured in Peru; 70% Pima Cotton, 30% Silk, this is a WOW yarn, and I am delighted to have obtained 11 skeins (the necessary amount to make the Summer Cardigan top) at a mere $4.50/skein in my favorite shade, lavender.

The pattern is from Interweave Knits Summer 1997 issue, on page 22. I have had this is my "to-do" list, and now will be able to. Yeaaaa!

Lovely Marissa yarn by Adrienne Vittadini Yarns Posted by Hello

IK's Summer Caridgan by Mary Spanos Posted by Hello

Temptation Strikes Again!

Beautiful Beaded Bags by Dorothy Wood Posted by Hello

The Crochet Shopper pg 74 Posted by Hello

Hobby Lobby had a 50% sale on all their beads, so I succumbed to buying the book, "Beautiful Beaded Bags" by Dorothy Wood. I had been drooling over the cover picture, Luxury Lattice Purse, but with its bead requirements of over 400 crystal faceted beads, I just couldn't do it. But with 50% off, well, that is a different story... I then was lured to the Crochet Shopper. Using Aunt Lydia's "Shimmer" Fashion yarn @ $4.94/ball in a blue shade, and turquoise plastic pony beads from Val-U Beads (300 for $2.00), I was able to start on it right away while waiting for the 400 crystal beads to come in on rain check order.

What a lovely delight, to crochet beaded squares. I am doing this on my lunch/break at work. It is going so fast. I am on my third ball, and so am almost halfway done. One ball makes 5 squares, and I need 29 for the bag.

Crochet square Posted by Hello

So much fun, it should be illegal! Well, ok, it shouldn't ever be illegal, but I am totally having fun. I always say that I am a knitter who can crochet when I have to... I crochet lefty so sometimes patterns make me think backwards, but this one is just straightforward fun!

Color on Color Progress

Note all the I-Cords! Posted by Hello

My Color on Color scarf progress. Posted by Hello

I work on this scarf every night. I am now somewhere in section 14, just starting the stockinette part. Beautiful colors. Very enjoyable knitting. And how about all the I-cords? The author, Kathryn Alexander (website, must love them, because there are so many in this pattern. Oh well, I will discover love or loathing for them... as I continue. The I-cords that I have done used 2 yarns as opposed to the directions calling for using only one yarn... Yikes! I think this pattern is open to lots of personal interpretation... and I am thankful for that!