Sunday, May 01, 2005

Temptation Strikes Again!

Beautiful Beaded Bags by Dorothy Wood Posted by Hello

The Crochet Shopper pg 74 Posted by Hello

Hobby Lobby had a 50% sale on all their beads, so I succumbed to buying the book, "Beautiful Beaded Bags" by Dorothy Wood. I had been drooling over the cover picture, Luxury Lattice Purse, but with its bead requirements of over 400 crystal faceted beads, I just couldn't do it. But with 50% off, well, that is a different story... I then was lured to the Crochet Shopper. Using Aunt Lydia's "Shimmer" Fashion yarn @ $4.94/ball in a blue shade, and turquoise plastic pony beads from Val-U Beads (300 for $2.00), I was able to start on it right away while waiting for the 400 crystal beads to come in on rain check order.

What a lovely delight, to crochet beaded squares. I am doing this on my lunch/break at work. It is going so fast. I am on my third ball, and so am almost halfway done. One ball makes 5 squares, and I need 29 for the bag.

Crochet square Posted by Hello

So much fun, it should be illegal! Well, ok, it shouldn't ever be illegal, but I am totally having fun. I always say that I am a knitter who can crochet when I have to... I crochet lefty so sometimes patterns make me think backwards, but this one is just straightforward fun!

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Snooze said...

Hi there! I just got to your blog as I was strolling through the Michigan Knits Ring. Where in Jersey are you from? I was born in Newark, grew up in Nutley, and graduated from Sparta HS in 1970. Sixteen years in FL, married a Michigander, lived in Melvindale for 9 years and am now in Grayling.

I'll be coming down to K'zoo for the Harlot on Saturday. Will you be there?

Drop me a line...I'd love to get to know you!