Sunday, September 04, 2005

What I do during my lunch half hour... over a couple of months!

Sheep Tea Cozy Posted by Picasa

Here is my sheep shaped tea cozy. I got the kit from Blackberry Ridge. They really have nice yarns. They come to Allegan County's Fiber Fest, and it is a treat to squeeze their yarns and check out all their kits. They have lovely wool/silk yarns too. This sheep was easy to make. His head is sort of down because he is on a small-er tea pot, he really could use a bigger one, but this is what I use for my morning tea.

Beaded Necklace Posted by Picasa

This is my knitted beaded necklace that I finished today too. I got this kit from the beadedknitting yahoo group. It was the June kit. I put the beads on the thread right away, but once I started knitting it, it just didn't look right, so I frogged and frogged, and then, yup, put it away to mature some more. Then I went back to it this week, and it knitted up like a song! Go figure! I guess it (or me?) just wasn't ready back then.

Beaded Eyeglass Don't-Loose-'em Cord Posted by Picasa

For those of us who use bifocals, a cord holding them around your neck is essential to keeping them from becoming misplaced, or lost. My old one gave up the crimp on one side, so I got another Mill Hill kit at Hobby Lobby. My eyeglass' lifesavers!


renee said...

The necklace looks beautiful - good job!!

Katherine said...

ROFL, I LOVE the sheep tea cozy! The beadwork is not too shabby either. *grin*

dorothy in sw gr said...

These are beautiful !!!
I a really interested in the necklace. I am going to start a crocheted one, I also knit, my first love, I did not know they could be knitted. I would love to learn how. Could you send me in the right direction?
I am also interested in the group that meets at Braans.
Dorothy in SW GR

Nancy G said...


The beaded knitting group is a yahoo list: check out this website. It will help you follow your beaded dreams!

The group that meets at Brann's is called Aknonymous Knitter's and they know that it is mispelled... is was a mistake originally that they decided to keep! They meet every first Monday at Brann's from 5:30pm to 9:00pm. Stop by and join us!

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