Thursday, August 18, 2005

My Clapotini is Finished!

Here she is lying in the hallway, a full 90" by 12." I haven't run the stitches out yet.

Clapotini, unfurled but not undone Posted by Picasa

Clapotini Unfurled Closeup Posted by Picasa

Now, the stitches are all run...

Clapotini, Unfurled and Stitches Run Posted by Picasa

Clapotini Closeup Posted by Picasa

I like it I like it! It has a nice spongy feel to it. This scarf will definitely be a warm cuddly one this winter.


Pam said...

Your clapoti is LOVELY! Congratulations on finishing it. Don't it feel good to complete things...!

Annette said...

Your clapoti i very nice!! I think it will be good to have in a cold winter :)

Greetings from Norway :)

Katherine said...

The clapoti is beautiful, well done!