Monday, April 04, 2005

Is it April already?

Whew! Where does the time go!

After my Christmas knitting was done, I made the Tartlelette Poncho from Knit One Crochet Two for myself. I bought the kit from an Ebay seller. Such lovely color! The kit had 8 skeins, and I was going to run out before I finished, so I eliminated a row in the last pattern, and made it... you can't tell. That was close!

My Tartlelette Poncho Posted by Hello

After that I knit after mindless scarves. There is so much yummy yarn at Hobby Lobby, I just couldn't help it!

Using Bernat's Denim in the Stonewash colorway, I made the Knitty's 3 Times Chic. In order to get gauge, I knitted using 2 strands held together. I am pretty sure that I don't like to knit chunky yarns. Also, I felt that the fabric was a bit stiff, but hopefully after it's washed a few times, it will soften up some. It's not stand up stiff, mostly just not soft lovely wool (the yarn is a cotton/acrylic blend).

3 Times Chic before blocked Posted by Hello

The Knitty's 3 Times Chic done! Posted by Hello

Sally Mellville's Einstein, sans buttons (not sure I need them). Done using Homespun in the Corinthian colorway. Posted by Hello
This was another long time project that I wanted to do. I settled on Homespun because it was 1) cheap and 2) the colorway interested me. But I was dissapointed as it knitted up in a kind of wave pattern. No more Homespun for me thankyou! I also found "blobs" in the yarn as it was knit, very poorly spun areas in the skeins. Not a nice experience!

My Color On Color Scarf kit Posted by Hello
My next project! I have to "treat" myself to this kit. It is a KAL (knitalong) on the yahoo groups ( I am just starting to bag up the yarn and untwist it so that it is ready to be knit. This looks to be a real treat. Thanks to Kathryn Alexander from the book Scarf Style.

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