Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New bunnies!

Yes, I did!  I went and got some fine looking bunnies!  I actually drove to the Syracuse New York area. There was a rabbit show in Fulton. Both former owners are from the Vermont area, so I was glad that we could rendezvous at the rabbit show. One bunny is a red, the other a fawn agouti. Both are totally delightful... pet me, hold me, pet me! 

On the way back I brought the bunnies into the hotel room with me. I kept them in their cages, but opened up the top, so they could sit comfortably. They settled down right away, eating and drinking and staring at me!  What good bunnies.

I will be getting hutches for them, but until then they will be in the old cages I had. They are in the garage for now, check it out:

This is Floppsie
This is Rosie
Life is good with bunnies back in my life!

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