Sunday, October 08, 2006

Christmas knitting is upon me!

Last Christmas the kids admitted dismay at not receiving any socks. I explained, well you never let me know that you liked that ones I made in the past. Then I heard praises. So, I had them search my sock stash and pick yarn to their liking. I started knitting them this August, so I would be able to finish in time. Now I think I can give them at their birthdays, and have slippers for Christmas. Planning is everything!

Socks for Eric, Opal yarn  Posted by Picasa

Socks for Dawn, Opal yarn  Posted by Picasa

Socks for Mom, Plymouth Encore, worsted weight and Fun Fur yarn Posted by Picasa

Socks to be for Travis Posted by Picasa

Well, there is a glitch... for Travis, I had to cast on more stitches then the kit called for, so now I have to enlarge the pattern. Lengthwise is fine, I can figure out how many stitches to add, but about those rows... it is taking some time to tweak... I will get it. I have 'til February.

Pattern Posted by Picasa

I had to have some fun...

My hand-dyed sock yarn knit up!  Posted by Picasa

My Lakeshore Knitting guild held at Friends of Wool, dyed Henry's Attic Kona sock yarn... here is my creation! And didn't those socks turn out nicely? I am so happy with the results.

My first hand-dyed skein of sock yarn Posted by Picasa

And now what you have been waiting for: my Christmas knitting - slippers! For the Herink family, I am using yarn from Blackberry Ridge, a very nice chunky wool yarn and pattern provided. I can knit one up in two evenings easily. Only 6 more pairs to go!!!

Slippers for Tom Posted by Picasa

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